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Shoal Bay Press

4WD North Island; 102 Off Road Adventures, Volume One (revised) by Andy Cockroft

4WD North Island; 91 Back Country Adventures, Volume Two by Andy Cockroft

4WD South Island; 107 Off Road Adventures, Volume One (revised) by Ken Sibly & Mark Wilson

4WD South Island: 93 New Off Road Adventures, Volume Two by Ken Sibly & Mark Wilson

Ashford Book of Dyeing, The by Ann Milner

Ashford Book of New Zealand Folk Art, The by Maryke Lups-Frowyn

Ashford Book of Spinning, The by Anne Field

Bag Lady's Picnic,The and other stories by Frankie McMillan

Borrower's Guide to Banks, Bankers & Bankruptcy, A by Keith McIlroy

Brown Trout Heaven; Fly-fishing New Zealand's South Island by Zane Mirfin, Graeme Marshall, Jana Bowler and Rob Bowler

Canterbury Grapes & Wines 1840-2002 by Danny Schuster, David Jackson & Rupert Tipples

Down To Earth! The Absolute Beginner's Guide to Growing Organic Vegetables by David Prosser

Endometriosis; One Woman's Story by Megan Harvey

Escape from Bosnia; Aza's Story as told to Sue McCauley

Hawks by Andrew Grant

Hooked on Fly-tying by Keith Draper

Krystyna's Story by Halina Ogonowska-Coates

Leading Edge, The: A Life in Gliding by Dick Georgeson and Anna Wilson

Plants Fors Free! A New Zealand Guide to Plant Propagation by Andrew Maloy

Recycled People: Forming New Relationships in Mid-Life by Coral Atkinson & Paula Wagemaker

Salmon Fever; A Guide to Salmon Fishing in New Zealand by Ross Millichamp

Scent of Rosewater, The : A New Zealand Bride in Iran by Anna Woodward Swinburn

Sense of Humus, A : A Bedside Book of Garden Humour by Diana Anthony

Spinning Wool: Beyond the Basics by Anne Field

Strawberries with the Fuhrer; a journey from the third reich to New Zealand by Helga Tiscenko

Tyler's Gold by Andrew Grant. Published by Shoal Bay Press

Volcanic Trout: A Complete Guide to Fishing the Taupo Region by Brendon Mathews

Westland Foothills & Forests: A Walking and Tramping Guide by Pat Barrett

What’s Its Name? 1000 Ways to Dub Your Dog by John Gordon

Wild Walks: Sixty Short North Island Walks by Mark Pickering

Wild Walks: Sixty Short South Island Walks by Mark Pickering

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