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Borrower's Guide to Banks, Bankers & Bankruptcy, A by Keith McIlroy. Published by Shoal Bay Press, ISBN 090870450X. Recommended retail price $15.95.

Borrowing money can dramatically improve your lifestyle and your chances of making your first or your fiftieth million. But whether you make that million or not can depend very much on the deal you negotiate with your 'friendly' banker. Equally important, if you hit trouble your very survival depends on your understanding of that same, now 'not so friendly' bank manager.

So what do you know about banks and bankers:
· Do you know how to minimize the security you have to offer them?
· Do you know why one bank will say no, yet the one across the road will say yes?
· Do you know how your bank will react if you have a problem in two years' time?

If the answer to any of these questions is no, then you need this book. Written in a witty and irreverent style, it will give borrowers the answers to every query they might have about banks and bankers and how they operate. Don't borrow in the dark. Buy this book and learn how financiers think.

Keith McIlroy is an accountant of the old school - purple pens, bowler hats and umbrellas. He has worked all over the world, first in the UK and then in Australia and New Zealand via the USA, India, Singapore, Hong Kong and other parts east. He is still traveling the world writing, lecturing and acting as a consultant to many businesses. He even helps the odd bank or two.

McIlroy has spent most of his professional life cutting through the confusion and complexity of business in order to present simple solutions to his clients. This book continues that tradition. Soft cover, 128 pages. Published in 1997.

Business Manoeuvre Warfare: Managerial Strategies for the Twenty-First Century by Richard J. Pech, Robert M. Pech and David M. Tweed. Published by Dunmore Press. ISBN 0864693605. Recommended retail price $20.

This book, written for both the student and the practicing manager, uses military metaphors to analyze and improve functionality in modern business organizations. In the market environments of today, and increasing in those of tomorrow, we have to battle for market share, choose the best arena, use strategic thrust and assess competitor vulnerability. We will react with retaliatory behavior by using offensive strategies. Employment will be terminated during leaner times; competitors will be marginalized. Strategic advantage will lie with those of us who can mobilize our strengths faster and counter thrust more effectively than the competition.

Business Manoeuvre Warfare (BMW) uses multiple military applications to enhance strategic thinking in business. BMW is an approach that will focus the organization, inspire the embracing of change, creativity, and learning; reduce the occurrence of destructive internal politics by harnessing aggressive tendencies and focusing them on the competition; and it will improve the bottom line by reducing costs as it increases efficiency, while outflanking the competition as it improves effectiveness. BMW will provide managers with proactive managerial approaches to lead their businesses to optimum performance. It will challenge managers to consider how to improve their performance and quality in a number of critical areas: staffing, goal-setting, structuring, decision-making, leadership, learning and team-work.

All three authors have extensive experience consulting in organizational change and strategic management. Soft cover, 251 pages. Published in 2000.

Diary of a Team: the real story behind implementing successful teamwork by Colin L. Howe & Michael Robert Fox.  ISBN 0868066095.  Published by Hale & Iremonger. Recommended retail price $10.

Diary of a Team begins where other business books end. It’s written by two people who’ve lived through workplace change from both sides of the fence. Spend a year with the Packaging Team at E&S Manufacturing, meet the staff, chart the ups and downs, and watch the business and work culture grow to a level where everyone enjoys coming to work. Using some of the simple techniques outlined and learning from the Packaging Team’s experience, you too can improve efficiencies, reduce costs, increase quality, and release your employees’ potential to take your business to heights you haven’t even imagined.

Diary of a Team provides a vivid depiction of workplace change in the Australian environment; dealing with the design, implementation and on-going support of self-managed teams.

Colin L. Howe is actively involved in overseeing training and the development of businesses. He’s also a freelance journalist.

Michael Robert Fox has led several teams to successful outcomes. He’s currently involved in domestic and international best practice benchmarking.

“This book should be required reading for anyone thinking of ‘doing’ teams, anyone who thinks they’re ‘doing’ teams, and everyone who’s started teams. I wish we’d had this a year ago.” – Glen Knight, Training Development Manager

Soft cover, 133 pages. Published in 1996.

Earning a Living in the Visual Arts and Crafts by James Stokes.  ISBN 0868066281. Published by Hale & Iremonger.  Recommended retail price $23.

The critics have been unanimous in their praise for the first two editions of this valuable handbook. Back by popular demand, this larger format, revised and updated third edition is essential reading for everyone involved in the visual arts and crafts: whether a practicing professional, struggling beginner, student, teacher or arts administrator.

New chapters are included on sponsorship, working from home, hobbyist vs professional, and the role of design in serial production, while information on income tax, copyright, finance, marketing, selling, pricing and costing have been updated and expanded. The case studies are artfully interwoven, providing variety and motivation.

James Stokes, a Lecturer in Art and Business at the University of Newcastle, writes with clarity and simplicity. He demonstrates that those with outstanding creative talents can be successful business people.

“Occasionally a book comes onto the market which fills a need so completely that it becomes impossible to imagine what life was like before its existence” – Australian Artist

“An excellent manual for economic survival” – Craft Victoria

“Anyone who wants to set up in business must read this book” – Sydney Morning Herald

Soft cover, 218 pages. Published in  1997.

Effective Ineptitude: The secrets of corporate climbing by John Smartt. Published by Hale and Iremonger. ISBN 0868066508. Recommended retail price $9.

A humorous exploration of why the wrong people get to the top and how they manage to stay there despite their ineptitude. Find out the real reason for the glass ceiling. (Its almost certainly because you have never learned to behave like an immature schoolboy. This is where men have always had the advantage lots of training and years of experience.) Find out how managers really get power over us and how to laugh about it! Soft cover, 79 pages.

Finding the Square Root of a Banana: a team story by Ann Andrews. ISBN 0958367523. Recommended retail price $19.95.

In today's business world, where resources are strained, stress has become a way of life and every organization is trying to do more with less on a daily basis, it is clear we can not work in the hierarchical, parent/child ways of the past.
Many organizations have tried to hand over day-to-day decision making to employees, and have even experimented with self managed teams. Unfortunately, the results have been under whelming at best, a nightmare at worst.

Ann Andrews, Dip. Bus (Pmer), APS, has dedicated 15 years to understanding the dynamics of teams. In this, her second book, she takes the reader through the actual steps she uses to create high performing, highly-focused, totally accountable adult/adult teams. Illustrated with cartoons. Soft cover, 256 pages.

How to Be Happy and Successful in $elling by Brian O'Donnell. Published by IPL Transpress. ISBN 090887684X. Recommended retail price $15.95.

New Zealand master prospector Brian O'Donnell here examines the validity of some of the traditional "sacred cows" of sales philosophy, takes an incisive look at reasons for the high attrition rate in the industry, and teaches sales techniques based on what has been proven to work not what simply sounds good.

Why some are more successful than others
How to control the things that inhibit most
High achievers' greatest trait
The mental state required for success
How to be a master-prospector
and a master recruiter
and more...

Soft cover, 224 pages.

Marketing Yourself To Employers: a step by step guide to getting the job you want by Dale Shaw Ferguson. ISBN 0868066052. Published by Hale & Iremonger. Recommended retail price $30.

We spend close to half of our waking lives at work. Whether that’s a miserable drudgery or rewarding and inspiring is within our control.

How many of us have fallen into the trap of taking the first job offer? Marketing Yourself to Employers helps you avoid that pitfall by providing strategies to help you devise a workable plan to reach your desired goal. In an easy to manage fashion it brings together the theory of effective theory of effective job searching with personal management strategies.

Marketing Yourself to Employers breaks each step into individual components. First the techniques are discussed, then the practical considerations outlined, and an understandable – achievable – plan devised. Easy-to-use flow charts serve as a quick reference for review, revealing your progress and success. Regular analysis of the Key Performance Indicators keeps you on track.

Marketing Yourself to Employers is jargon-free, and written in a reader-friendly style. It’s illustrated with flow charts, graphics and illustrations. It’s comprehensive, based on best practice and leaves nothing to chance.

Change your outlook and feel free to choose jobs with opportunities that suit you. Few activities will have a more lasting impact on your quality of life.

Dale Shaw Ferguson, based in Perth, Australia is a trained teacher with a specialized background in outplacement. He has worked with personnel agencies, employment case managers and private outplacement agencies. This draws on his years of experience in helping people find the jobs they want.

Bonus disc – your personal job search manager. Soft cover, 159 pages. Published in 1996. (Don't be put off by the 1996 publication date. Every bit of advice in here is as fresh as the day it was written.)

Sensitive Chaos: A Guide to Business Ethics and the Creation of Trust in the New Millennium by Alistair C. Ping. Published by Hale and Iremonger. ISBN 0868066680. Recommended retail price $14.

Most of the performance problems in organizations are, at heart, ethical ones, a fact which is frequently acknowledged as self-evident and then promptly ignored. But for a variety of reasons, ethics has become an important issue. New and sometimes frightening technologies, the globalization of business, economic rationalism, ecological and human exploitation, and the decline of the nation state have all contributed to a growing concern about unethical business practices and professional conduct, and organizational corruption.

Sensitive Chaos explains the philosophical bases simply and clearly and then shows how organizations can align their values with those of the individuals within them. This is, above all, a practical handbook for businesses wishing to survive into the twenty-first century.

Alistair C. Ping worked for several years in the financial markets as a shares and futures trader, spending time with the National Australia Bank and the Japanese investment firm, Nikko Securities. He has an MBA and a Graduate Diploma in Finance and is an Associate of the Securities Institute of Australia. He is the author of many articles on ethics and business, and is currently based in the UK where he is exploring new ways of encouraging corporate responsibility and values. Soft cover, 142 pages.


Shift your But by Ann Andrews. ISBN 0958367558. Recommended retail price $19.95.

This book introduces fresh concepts and thinking to the area of business management. The author's basic premise is that our current work methods are left over from the industrial revolution - and so are our results. In the chaotic, ever-changing world we live in and where in the next 5-10 years the global marketplace will become a totally flat playing field, where no organization will have any product or service that their competitors do not have, Ann Andrews challenges organizations to:
* Free up management time by at least 30% so the managers can work on the business instead of in the business
* Move from parent-child attitudes to adult-adult transactions
* Rethink the way they view work
* Create an ownership rather than a dependency mentality
The author shares with the reader the first steps towards thriving in business instead of merely surviving.

"Ann Andrews' book Shift your But is a must for anyone wanting information about the corporate arena. Her research has been extensive and provides very important facts on climbing the corporate ladder. Ann, I have enjoyed reading your book immensely; the excellent sketches and quotations have given an almost novel excitement to learning the facts of business success."
- Brian Head, NSANZ (Charter Member).

Soft cover, 216 pages.

tetramap book cover thumbnail

TetraMap: How to develop people and business the way nature intended by Yoshimi and Jon Brett. Published by Tetramap. ISBN 978-0-473-12456-4. Recommended retail price $29.95.

TetraMap is a model that simplifies the complex. It maps nature into four basic Elements; Earth, Air, Water and Fire then uses the metaphor of nature for us to look at the nature of human behaviour. So knowing our nature via TetraMap can:
Earth : take us forward to achieve goals
Air : help us design systems to work and plan together
Water : help us acknowledge diversity for our wellbeing and caring
Fire : inspire and excite us to create brighter futures.

TetraMap places these Elements on the simple but beautiful form of a tetrahedron. It reflects nature and unfolds into a TetraMap. Each side is equal and offers a different perspective, a different point from which to view the world. Yet no two perspectives oppose each other! That’s the very special nature of TetraMap. It guides us to see ourselves, others, and the world around us from multiple perspectives. There is more to life than good/bad, black/white, yes/no, right/wrong and yet this is how we often choose to interpret our experience. Binary symmetry is the first thing we naturally look for, and when found, often stops us from looking further.

TetraMap uses nature as a metaphor, and the premise that we are all connected and inter-dependent. Whether we believe that premise at a pragmatic, spiritual, systemic or scientific point of view, it is a unifying approach that crosses the multiple boundaries we create as human beings.
TetraMap develops people, organisations and businesses the way nature intended.


What a refreshing and simple look at nature! The TetraMap is a unique metaphor that helps us keep the big picture in mind while understanding how the parts fit together. It makes sense of People's unique styles of behaviour, thinking, attitudes and aspirations. I hope the Tecra map will encourage us to think holistically and appreciate our responsibilities in an independent world.

Bobbi DePorter, President, Learning Forum.

TetraMap is Synergetics in action. "Bucky" would be most impressed at how the Bretts have taken the tetrahedron and used it to simply explain the complexity of human behaviour and relationships. It is helpful to have a system that doesn't restrict one to the use of squares, straight-line continuum andopposites, but rather combinations of differences and variables reflecting the true elements of nature.

Graham Harvey, International Business Speaker, Author of Seducing the Vigilante Customer.

Soft cover, 120 pages. Second edition 2007 (first published in 2002).

Total Success in Sales and Personal Life by Winston Saga Ph.D.  ISBN 0473091674. Published by Telesalestips Press. Recommended retail price $29.95.

Total Success in Sales and Personal Life by Winston Saga is a very timely publication in this new economy that is taking place in this new century. He is truly knowledgeable in his research on a very misinformed subject of Mind Power in Sales and Personal Communication, which make this book required reading for everyone interested in Sales, Self Improvement and Personal Growth, which must be shared by people on all continents.

Winston has written a straight forward, no nonsense guide , for sales people wanting to reach the top in their profession. The aspiring “sales super star” will discover the principles and techniques of success that have taken Winston to the top in his field.

“This is a power-packed book, full of great ideas for increasing sales and living a more balanced life.” Brian Tracy – author. Create your own Future. Victory!

Soft cover, 159 pages. Published in 2003.

Writing Guidelines for Business Students edited by Lisa Emerson. ISBN 0864693680. Published by Dunmore Press. Recommended retail price $X.

How do I set out a business report? What does plagiarism mean? What is the best way of taking notes? Where do I start looking for information?

All these questions and - more - will become important to you when you are studying business or commerce. Whether you are at a university or a polytechnic, Writing Guidelines for Business Students has answers to all your writing and study queries. The second edition has been expanded to include three new chapters on writing research proposals, research reports and web page assignments. There are also substantial changes in the material on finding information and presenting data.

Writing Guidelines for Business Students is an invaluable resource for students and teachers alike. It is essential reading for all who write or set business studies assignments. Soft cover, 122 pages. Published in 2000.

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