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Books by Publisher

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Addenda Insight Guides New Holland Publishers
Ages to Ages Publications Institute of Pacific Studies Open Polytechnic of New Zealand
Bess Press IPL Transpress Pacific Downunder
Bloomings Books Isle Botanica

Pandanus Press

Celebrity Books Krieger Publishing Company Pelican Publishing Company
Deep Sight Publishing Let's Go Publications Phantom House
Dunmore Press Little Hills Press

Princeton University Press

Exisle Publishing Lonely Planet and Pisces Robert Anderson & Associates
Fiji Museum Longacre Press Shoal Bay Press
Firefly Books

Maverick Guides (Pelican)

Silver Owl Press
Geo Productions Maxim Institute Steele Roberts
Hale and Iremonger
Medlar Press StonePrint Press
Hazard Press Moon Travel Handbooks Te Papa Press
Hodder, Moa, Beckett Publishers National Geographic University of Hawai'i Press
Horizon Press National Pacific Press Wharariki Publishing Company
Huia Publishers Nelles Guide Wyvern Press

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