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Health and Nutrition

Back Pain: How to Get Rid of it Forever by John Perrier. Published by Hale & Iremonger.
ISBN 0868066753. Recommended retail price $20, our price $18.

The title says it all – this book will help you permanently banish your back pain.

The first section makes it easy for you to understand your back pain. Using simple, clear language it explains the structure of your spine, and demystifies many common pain-provoking conditions. The second part offers a unique quiz that will help you to classify your injury into one of four types. In this way you will learn how to cure your pain, not someone else’s.

In part three you will learn clever techniques that will help you use your spine more efficiently, and discover how to think, eat, relax and sleep away your pain. You’ll also find useful information on exercises, X-rays, meditation muscles, plus some tips on how to choose a spinal health practitioner. All of the advice is tailored to your specific problem.

Because the cure uses well-proven techniques, your relief won’t last just a few days or weeks. You will feel better forever. Soft cover, 336 pages.


Becoming a Non-Smoker: Giving Up For Good by Robyn Richmond & Kathy Harris. Published by Hale and Iremonger. ISBN 0868066710. Recommended retail price $15.

Despite constant health warnings, almost a third of the people smoke and the habit is rapidly increasing among young women. Clinics using Dr. Richmond’s methods of smoking cessation have a high success rate for people quitting permanently. This book provides a blueprint for giving up for good. It is a step-by-step guide which prepares the reader to stop smoking, helps in the process of stopping, and shows how to remain stopped. There are clear and simple exercises throughout, actively involving the reader in each step. Dr. Richmond is Associate Professor of Community Medicine at the University of New South Wales in Australia and Kathy Harris is a psychologist who for a decade has assisted people to stop smoking. Try the Aussie approach to giving up smoking. Soft cover, 128 pages.

Brain Injury & Stroke: A handbook to recovery by Dr. E. A. Freeman. Published by Hale and Iremonger. ISBN 086806646X. Recommended retail price $23.

Every year many thousands of people suffer from brain injury or stroke, and the health services find it difficult to offer the time and resources to assist long-term recovery.

This handbook offers simple and natural therapies, and its practical, step-by-step description of the road to recovery is backed up by useful case studies. For carers, this guide shows how they can become involved in the rehabilitation of patients in the loving, caring environment of their own homes. Soft cover, 179 pages.

Unfortunately this title is now unavailable.

Coming to Grief: A Survival Guide to Grief and Loss by Pam Heaney. ISBN 187713564X. Published by Longacre Press. Recommended retail price $19.95

Grief is the inevitable consequence of loving and will come to us all at some time in our life. It is a normal, natural response to a loss of any kind.” – Pam Heaney

We experience grief and loss for many reasons: death, separation, divorce, job layoffs, illness and through many other major life changes. Pam Heaney’s thorough and perceptive exploration of grief is a book that will truly help us help others and ourselves.

Sensible, clear and caring in tone, the author explains how we express grief via our cultural and family conditioning, much of which is based on inadequate stereotypes and myths. In debunking the old clichés – ‘time heals all wounds,’ or ‘you should be over it by now’ – she offers insight into the true nature of grief and loss, and equips the reader with useful knowledge and understanding. She also provides strategies to help healing while recognizing the unique grieving experience of each individual.

Coming to Grief has a legitimacy and wisdom based on experience – the author has over 20 years background as a funeral director and grief counselor. She counters each time-honored myth with sound, practical advice and looks at why we grieve, what grief is and how it affects us. Physical, social, psychological, developmental and spiritual aspects are discussed in a positive way, and the whole is imbued with hope, encouragement and compassion.

This is a self-help book which includes:

• A variety of exercises to make information personal
• A helpful summary at the end of each chapter
• The debunking of 10 common myths. “Best leave them alone to get over this,” “You should be over it by now,” “Just focus on the positives…” The author counters these clichés with practical, sensible advice
• Covers loss in general – separation, divorce, death, loss of employment
• A chapter on how to support and help those who are grieving – lists of what to say and do
• Validation that everyone is unique as is their grieving
• Acknowledgement that grief affects us physically, intellectually, emotionally and spiritually
• Strategies for healing and acceptance
• Anecdotes and real life stories; the author acknowledges the great variety of experiences
• A recognition that recovery requires action

Pam Heaney has over 20 years experience first working as a funeral director and then as a grief counselor. She has directed educational programs for healthcare professionals, volunteers, families and support groups; has organized therapeutic workshops; worked as a trauma debriefer; and lectures on the subject extensively throughout New Zealand. She was co-founder of the Grief Education Trust and contributed to the establishment of the National Association for Loss and Grief. Pam is self-employed as a grief and loss therapy and educational practitioner and her workshops, counseling, lectures and educational programs are in high demand. Soft cover, 224 pages. Published in 2002.

Endometriosis; One Woman's Story by Megan Harvey. Published by Shoal Bay Press. ISBN 0908704437. Recommended retail price $12.95.

Ten percent of menstruating women suffer from endometriosis, the condition causing chronic, agonsing menstrual pain and a host of associated problems. Just as worrying, many of these women are unable to name the condition and therefore cannot get the right treatment.

Endometriosis: One Woman's Story relates Megan Harvey's long struggle, from the confusion of years of unexplained blinding pain to the relief of diagnosis, the grief of infertility and eventual 'cure' - in her case, a complete hysterectomy at the age of 22.

Case studies, treatment advice and a strong underlying theme of emotional support make this book an essential and affirming guide for endometriosis sufferers, their friends and families. The problems Megan endured, emotional as well as physical, make harrowing reading - but her journey back to a 'normal', happy life shows that it is possible to be an endometriosis survivor.

Megan Harvey was born in Taihape, New Zealand, in 1972. As a child she moved around New Zealand and the world a lot with her parents as her father had a career in the army. After attending Christchurch Girls' High School Megan went on to gain a Master of Arts in psychology from the University of Canterbury. She is currently working on a PhD in family psychology at the University of Canterbury.

Megan plans a career as a tertiary lecturer and researcher. She likes to read and walk and go to movies. She is single and loving it. Soft cover, 108 pages. Published in 1997.

Facing Cancer: A young carer’s story of survival by Mark Tippett. Published by Hale and Iremonger. ISBN 0868066087. Recommended retail price $14.

On their wedding day, Mark and Lois saw a rainbow: the promise of a brighter day and a sign of hope for their future together as a couple, along with their other young friends. After only a year of marriage the dream collapsed with the diagnosis of Lois’ secondary malignant melanoma. Lois was just 22, Mark 24.

So Mark’s role as a carer began and life was never the same. Operations followed, as well a various regimes of therapy, and the need to change their attitudes to life – and death. It was a battle fought with courage and laughter, and in Facing Cancer Mark shares his experiences of some important milestones: the effects of diagnosis, family unity, learning to care, diet and meditation, religion, remorse and guilt, re-establishing a life, that first new partner, financial support. Soft cover, 127 pages.

Faith, Hope, Love & Laughter: How They Heal by Paul Kraus. Published by Hale and Iremonger. ISBN 0 86806 683 4. Recommended retail price $15.

This is an inspirational guide for the maintenance of wellness of body, mind and spirit. The author believes passionately in the healing power of the emotions and the importance of faith and hope in the recovery process. He has gathered together this collection of writings on holistic healing, ranging widely from biblical passages to extracts by medical and health writers, in order to encourage people to lead fuller, more loving and constructive lives, whatever their situation. It is the perfect gift for those who need sunshine in their lives, for people weighed down by care or illness, or simply for those who feel the need to be inspired. Soft cover, 192 pages. Published 1999.

Fighting for Life: Anorexia – the Road to Recovery by Melinda Hutchings. Published by Hale and Iremonger. ISBN 0868066907. Recommended retail price $20.

This compelling story takes us right inside the mind, heart and body of a teen aged girl suffering from Anorexia nervosa, a disorder which is incredibly difficult for both the victim and those close to her to understand, and very complex in its treatment. It tells the story of 15-year-old Tracy and explores the different and shocking ways in which the illness takes over her life. It details her inner struggle and personal torment as she desperately fights the powerful monster that is Anorexia, and the tragic effects this has on her family environment.

The book is a fictionalized account of the author’s own experiences and has been written to help people to understand the mind of the Anorexic and to cope with behavioral patterns. Soft cover, 160 pages.

Kava: Nature’s Answer to Stress, Anxiety, and Insomnia by Hyla Cass, M.D. and Terrence McNally. Recommended retail price $13, our price $12.

Really, the only way to enjoy kava is around the grog bowl with a few Melanesian or Polynesian friends, but this book will tell you where and how to obtain kava yourself.
Kava has been used ritually and medicinally in the islands of the South Pacific for centuries. Widely used in Europe, this amazing herb has been shown to relieve tension and anxiety while maintaining alertness. In larger doses kava promotes deep, restful sleep. Safe, natural, and inexpensive, kava is the perfect supplement for today’s stress-filled lifestyle, and the ideal alternative to drugs such as Valium. Soft cover, 274 pages.

Health of Pacific Societies,The : Ian Prior's Life and Work edited by Philippa Howden-Chapman & Alistair Woodward. ISBN 1877228524. Published by Steele Roberts Ltd. $X

Dr. Ian Prior is one of New Zealand's most distinguished epidemiologists, whose career encompasses 50 years of research and action. A pioneer in social epidemiology, his work in New Zealand and the Pacific has explored environmental and cultural factors that maintain the health of Pacific populations.

In this book, New Zealand and international colleagues pay tribute to Ian Prior's unique contribution to epidemiology
and our understanding of health in the Pacific. Ian responds with an outline of his career and guiding principles. The book focuses on health, but also celebrates Ian Prior's commitment to a nuclear-free world, protection of the environment, social justice, and a flourishing creative community. Soft cover, 112 pages. Published in 2001.

Life's an Illusion by Leigh Kelly. ISBN 0473048043. Recommended retail price $19.95.

Leigh Kelly RN ADN trained at the Auckland Hospital. For two decades she has focused her energies on senior citizens, serving in leadership roles in long-term care wards in Kenepuru Hospital (Wellington) and Greenlane Hospital (Auckland).

During this career commitment she majored in care for people with dementia. She became increasingly concerned at the use of chemical restraints to change and modify behaviour. Frequently this course of action did not work. Leigh's work in this field confirms that more often than not the opposite of the desired outcome results.
With the restructuring of hospital-based care in Auckland she saw the opportunity to branch out into the private sector. This resulted in purchasing a rest home in the city for people with dementia. This enabled Leigh to:
* explore further why chemical restraints (sedatives) were not working
* introduce a bodywork therapy program along with other holistic health practices
*discover a common response in each person - an underlying feeling of powerlessness
* learn that people who were loved, valued, respected and acknowledged no longer exhibited many so-called inappropriate behaviors

In essence, people with dementia just want to be treated like everybody else. This powerful discovery led to this, her first book. Through this medium, and through her public presentations, Leigh encourages carers of all kinds to look at themselves first and to strive for better alternatives.

We can no longer keep doing what we have always done and expect different results. Universal principles always work. These very principles can and will enhance relationships with everyone we meet. Soft cover, 178 pages.

Love Yourself Trim: the dietless guide to permanent fat loss in 13 weeks by Eva Rishan. Published by Hale & Iremonger. ISBN 0 86806 680 X. Recommended retail price $14.

Despite the plethora of diet and exercise books on the market, 65% of the male and 45% of the female population are overweight and these figures are steadily increasing. The author has developed a revolutionary approach to fat loss which works and is permanent – she herself shed over 60 pounds together with her longstanding depression.

In this book there are no crash diets, no guilt feelings, no cries for more will power and no necessity for regimented exercise, making the program easy to follow, regardless of age, sex, condition or financial situation.

Eva Rishan provides a genuine, gimmick-free, week-by-week program which has been amply proven to result in major fat loss. This practical guide will transform the lives of its readers. Soft cover, 120 pages, published in 1999.

Nobody Told Me! Shame; the impact of shame in multi-generational family systems and parenting practices by Denise Hayes. Published by Pacific Downunder. ISBN 0646316729. Recommended retail price $35.

Nobody told me!

¨ I was shaming my child;
¨ about the impact of shame on children;
¨ how shame develops in family systems;
¨ the role of parents in the development of shame;
¨ what the emotional developmental needs of my child are;
¨ that shame decimates self-esteem in a child;
¨ about toxic, multi-generational parenting rules and practices;
¨ about the poisonous pedagogy;
¨ that abuse means all kinds of abuse;
¨ about the everyday pain of abuse, and the consequences of shame;
¨ about abandonment, and its life-damaging impact;
¨ how I innocently carried my own unfinished business from childhood into my new family;
¨ about the need to recover from the shame of my own abuse.

A Marriage and relationship Counselor and therapist looks back at the devastation experienced by people whose lives were affected by the shame in their childhood, and the unawareness of parents of the damage caused by multi-generational family rules and parenting practices that purport to be “for your own good”.

Nobody told me! is a training and resource manual for parent educators, counselors, therapists, health professionals and all those with influence over and responsibility for the children of today and parents of tomorrow. Soft cover, 194 pages + index, published in 1998.

Recycled People: Forming New Relationships in Mid-Life by Coral Atkinson & Paula Wagemaker. Published by Shoal Bay Press. ISBN 1877251046. Recommended retail price $15.95.

A new book which draws on the experiences of mid-life men and women who have moved from relationship breakdown to new partnerships. Told with frankness and intimacy, the book takes the shared threads of these people's sorrows, difficulties, strengths and joys and weaves them together to illuminate the journey's themes and signposts, as well as the common experiences that hinder or help along the way.

Comments from professionals working in interpersonal counseling, sexuality and family law, along with summarized findings from international relationship gurus, are also included. The reader is provided with a topical travelers' guide though a life stage that is different from anything previously experienced; one that has the potential for both disaster and considerable happiness. Practical, and at times wryly amusing, Recycled People offers information, reassurance and the sharing of authentic experience by those who have gone before.

Using the metaphor of recycling - of vibrant and satisfying new things coming out of the destruction of the old - the book covers such issues as loss, coping, finding new partners, sex, recommitment, legal and other practical matters, baggage, children, making it work and lessons learned. The authors, Coral Atkinson and Paula Wagemaker, have both come out of long-term marriages and are now in new committed relationships. Soft cover, 215 pages. Published in 2000.

Sharing the Load: What to do when someone you love is depressed by Gwendoline Smith. Published by Hale and Iremonger. ISBN 086806629X. Recommended retail price $16.

Depression is a common disorder, still surrounded by ignorance, fear and prejudice. About one in ten people suffer it to some significant degree at least once in their lifetime. The risk is twice as high in women as men, and it produces great suffering and disability, to sufferers and those who care about them.

Psychologist, Gwendoline Smith, suffered clinical depression herself and then fully appreciated how difficult it was for loved ones to be supportive and effective.

In Sharing the Load she faces these issues and combines personal experience, clinical information and commonsense advice. Sharing the Load includes how to help those suffering from post-partum and adolescent depression and offers guidance to all those dealing with depression. Soft cover, 144 pages.

The Island of the Colorblind by Oliver Sacks. Recommended retail price $ 23, our price $17.

Oliver Sacks has always been fascinated by islands – their remoteness, their mystery, above all the unique forms of life they harbor. For him, islands conjure up equally the romance of Melville and Stevenson, the adventure of Magellan and Cook, and the scientific wonder of Darwin and Wallace.

Drawn to the tiny Pacific atoll of Pingelap by intriguing reports of an isolated community of islanders born totally colorblind, Sacks finds himself setting up a clinic in a one-room island dispensary, where he listens to these achromatopic islanders describe their colorless world in rich terms of pattern and tone, luminance and shadow. And on Guam, where he goes to investigate the puzzling neurodegerative paralysis endemic there for a century, he becomes, for a brief time, an island neurologist, making house calls with his colleague John Steele, amid crowing cockerels, cycad jungles, and the remains of a colonial culture.

The islands reawaken Sacks’ lifelong passion for botany – in particular, for the primitive cycad trees, whose existence dates back to the Paleozoic – and the cycads are the starting point for an intensely personal reflection on the meaning of islands, the dissemination of species, the genesis of disease, and the nature of deep geologic time. Out of an unexpected journey, Sacks has woven an unforgettable narrative which immerses us in the romance of island life, and shares his own compelling vision of the complexities of being human. Hardcover, 298 pages.

Triumph Over Arthritis: A comprehensive and up-to-date guide to the help available by Anna Scott. Published by Hale and Iremonger. ISBN 0 868063738. Recommended retail price $13.

Triumph over Arthritis
is both Anna Scott’s story of how (as Heather Wearne) she cured herself of arthritis and a guide to the treatments available. In addition to the anti-arthritis diet that worked for her, Anna presents the views of leading practitioners of both conventional and ‘alternative’ medicine, a scientist talks about copper bracelets and other controversial issues, and the book embraces new ideas such as ‘Metaphysical medicine’ and ‘Arthritis – a feminist issue?’

Above all, Anna stresses that not all therapies suit all people. The message is: there is hope – one of these choices can work for you! Soft cover, 208 pages.

Welcome to the Amazon Club: A remarkable journal of hope, bravery and strength by Jane Bissell.  ISBN 1877135933. Publisahed by Longacre Press. Recommended retail price $19.95.

“The diagnosis of breast cancer is never expected; we all think it will never happen to us.”
- Belinda Scott, FRACS

This is the story of my first year with breast cancer – from diagnosis to my first ‘all-clear’.  I kept a journal during that time, charting my physical and emotional responses, but also trying to understand what was happening to me.

I hope my story will help women who have just been diagnosed with breast cancer, or in fact anyone with cancer, for our journeys have much in common.

Most of all, I would like my book to offer the very thing that gets us through the hours and the days of a life changing experience… Hope.  There is always hope – at best hope of recovery and a full life, or at worst, hope for less pain and suffering.  We each have a remarkable capacity for hope, bravery and strength.  Sometimes it takes a traumatic event to make us realize it. 
-- Jane Bissell

Welcome to the Amazon Club dispels the many myths surrounding breast cancer.  The author’s experience offers as much empowerment and strange reward as it does difficulty. Soft cover, 200 pages. Published in 2004.

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