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Hodder, Moa, Beckett Publishers

100 Historic Places in New Zealand by Gavin McLean

AA Guide to Day Tours in New Zealand

AA New Zealand Road Atlas

Buyer's Guide to New Zealand Wines 2003, Michael Cooper's by Michael Cooper

Classic Wines of New Zealand by Michael Cooper

Footrot Flats Gallery I by Murray Ball

Footrot Flats Gallery II by Murray Ball

Footrot Flats Sports Collection by Murray Ball

Friars’ Guide to New Zealand Accommodation for the Discerning Traveller - 2007 Edition by John and Lois Allen

Haka; a Living Tradition by Wira Gardiner

History, A of New Zealand Architecture by Peter Shaw

Walking the Abel Tasman Coast Track by Philip Holden

Walking the Routeburn Track by Philip Holden

Walking the Milford Track by Rosalind Harker

Wineries & Vineyards of New Zealand 2005: Open to Visit by Barbara Dyer
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