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National Pacific Press

Abby and the Hopplescotch Realm by Julie Folkers

Chosen One, The by Alan J. Garner

Dancer, The by Celia Power-Loeffler

Diamond Mine: The Essence of Poetry by Kimberley N. Powell

Don’t Come Back! by Reiko & Robert Elliott

Down But Not Out by Elizabeth Berns

Earth, A Speck of Dust by Keith Wilson

Eddie’s Mistake by Mark Chamberlain

From Freyberg by Bill Edginton

Glitch In Time, A by Peter Durney

Hidden From the Surface by Corey Marsland, Imelda Hailes and David Collins

Make Mine a Bottle! by Natasha Derry

My War and Peace by Alec Goldsmith

Song of Laughing Bird, The by Rudy Whitehead-Lopez

Weta Shed, The by Brian Mossman


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