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Institute of Pacific Studies

Ana Otabwanin Kiritimati: The Environment of Christmas Island by Roger Perry and Martin Garnett

Bamboo Leaves by Sam Ngwele

Beyond Ceremony: An Anthology of Drama From Fiji edited by Ian Gaskell

Bina Bina: the making of a Gela War Canoe by Robert T. Pule

Black Messiah: A collection of short stories and a novella by Joseph C Veramu

Black Stone by Grace Mera Molisa

Black Stone II by Grace Mera Molisa

Blue Rain by Ruperake Petaia

Book of Banaba, The by HC and HE Maude

Book Provision in the Pacific Islands edited by Linda Crowl

Borau Ni Kiribati, Te (text of Kiribati) by Etekia Ainati and Abera Timea

Brief History of Niutao, A by Pulekai A. Sogivalu

Celebration, The : Collection of Short Stories by Raymond Pillai

Civilized Girl by Jully Sipolo

Cook Islands Cook Book by Taiora Matenga-Smith

Cook Island Maori Names: Ingoa by Jon Jonassen

Cultural Crafts of Niue; Pandanus Weaving by Shari Cole & Vitolia Kulatea

Customary Land Tenure and Sustainable Development edited by Ron Crocombe

Deuba: A Study of a Fijian Village by William R. Geddes

Distance Education in the South Pacific edited by Richard Guy, Toshio Kosuge and Rieko Hayakawa

Doctor in Vanuatu: A Memoir by Dr. E. A. (Ted) Freeman

Fijian Ethos, The by Asesela D. Ravuvu

Footsteps in the Sea: Christianity in Oceania To World War II by John Garrett

French Polynesia: A book of selected readings selected by Ron Crocombe and Nancy J. Pollack

From Darkness to Light In Polynesia by William Wyatt Gill

Futuna: Mo Ona Puleaga Sau, Aux Deux Royaumes, the Two Kingdoms edited by Elise Huffer and Petelo Leleivai

Givers of Wisdom, Labourers Without Gain: Essays on Women in Solomon Islands by Alice Aruhe'eta Pollard

Governance in Samoa edited by Elise Huffer and Asofou So'o

Haviliviliaga Manatu (Reflections) by Tohitohi Nukutuluea - the Niue Writers Group

Hembemba, Rivers of the Forest by Steven Edmund Windua

Holy Torture in Fiji by Muneshwar Sahadeo and others

Inheritance of Hope,The : John Hunt, Apostle of Fiji by Andrew Thornley translated into Fijian by Tauga Vulaono

In Search of a Home edited by Leonard Mason and Pat Hereniko

IPS Publishing Guide by Linda Crowl & Mark Garrett

Island Churches: Challenge and Change by Makisi Finau, Teeruro Ieuti and Jione Langi

Kakala by Konai Helu Thaman

Kiribati: Aspects of History by sister Alaima Talu and others

Korero by Makiuti Tongia

Land Issues In The Pacific edited by Ron Crocombe and Malama Maleisea

Land Tenure in the Atolls edited by Ron Crocombe

Land Tenure in the Pacific (3rd edition) edited by Ron Crocombe

Langakali by Konai Helu Thaman

Life of Adventure, A by Oswald Schulze

Living On The Fringe: Melanesians of Fiji by Winston Halapua

Looking Down at Waves: A Collection of Poetry by Sano Malifa

Lost Reality by Fepai F.S. Kolia

Mana 2000, Cook Islands Special edited by Jean Tekura and Vaine Rasmussen

Mana; Volume 13, Issue 1: Special Solomon Islands Issue edited by Jullan Treadaway and Linda Crowl

Management of Marine Resources in Kiribati by Roniti Teiwaki

Margin Fades, The ; Geographical Itineraries in a World of Islands edited by Eric Waddell and Patrick Nunn

Mariquita: A Tragedy of Guam by Chris Perez Howard

Microstates & Nuclear Issues: Regional Cooperation in the Pacific by Yoko Ogashiwa

Mi Mere: Poetry and Prose by Solomon Islands Women Writers by Jully Sipolo & 10 other Solomons women

Mocemoce, Na Vanua; The Land Abiding by Caitlin Scholl

Musings on Niue edited by Larry Thomas

My Heart is Crying a Little - Tagi Tote E Loto Haaku by Margaret Pointer and Kalaisi Folau

Nearshore Marine Resources of the South Pacific: Information for Fisheries Development and Management edited by Andrew Wright and Lance Hill

Nei Ikuiku Ma Ana Karaki by Tekarei Tibwere Russell

Opening Doors by Evelyn Patuawa-Nathan

Pacific Courts and Legal Systems edited by Guy Powles and Mere Pulea

Pacific Languages in Education edited by France Mugler & Jon Lynch

Pacific Profiles: Personal Experiences of 100 South Pacific Islanders edited by Robert A. C. Stewart

Pinnacles by Makerita Va'ai

Poemes du Pacifique au Feminin by Afu Billy & 15 others

Poetes du Pacifique en Colere by Konai Helu Thaman & 26 others

Policies and Perceptions of France in the South Pacific: New Caledonia and Vanuatu by Peter Myriam Dornoy-Vurobaravu

Praying Parents by Jully Sipolo

Prophets of Melanesia edited by Garry Trompf

Protest and Dissent in the Colonial Pacific by Peter Hempenstall and Noel Rutherford

Raindrops poems by Celo Kulaghoe

Return To Havaiki by Kauraka Kauraka

Rii ni Banaba, Te by Raobeia Ken Sigrah and Stacey M. King

Rotuma: hanua pumue Precious Land by Anselmo and Daniel Fatiaki and others

Roviana Custom Stories edited by Jully Makini

Samoans in Fiji by Morgan Tuimaleali’ifano

Searching for Nei Nim'anoa by Teresia Kieuea Teaiwa

Some Modern Poetry From Fiji edited by Albert Wendt

Songs of Love by Konai Helu Thaman and illustrated by Teweiariki Teaero

Songs and Songwriters of the Cook Islands: E Au Imene Tamataora by John J. Herrmann

Songs of Tuvalu by Gerd Koch. Published by the Institute of Pacific Studies

South Pacific, The by Ron Crocombe

South Pacific Literature From Myth to Fabulation by Subramani

Tagi Tote E Loto Haaku - My Heart is Crying a Little by Margaret Pointer and Kalaisi Folau

Taku Akatauira/ My Dawning Star by Kauraka Kauraka

Tala O Niuoku, Te: the German Plantation on Nukulaelae Atoll 1865-1890 by Suamalie N.T. Iosefa, Doug Munro, Niko Besnier

Tales of a Lonely Island by Mesulama Titifanua and C. Maxwell Churchward

Tales Of Manihiki collected by K. Kauraka

Tatau (Tattoo) by Jean Tekura Mason

Tensions: 1. In-Between by Julian Treadaway

Tensions: 2. Whose Land? by Julian Treadaway

Tensions: 3. Unwanted by Julian Treadaway

Tensions: 4. Trees by Julian Treadaway

Tensions: 5. Healthy or Wealthy by Julian Treadaway

Tensions: 6. Helen by Julian Treadway

Te Rii ni Banaba, by Raobeia Ken Sigrah and Stacey M. King

They Came For Sandalwood by Marjorie Crocombe

To Live Among The Stars: Christian Origins in Oceania by John Garrett

Traditional Sailing Canoes in Lau by Robert Gillett, James Ianelli, Tevita Waqavakatoqa and Matai Qica

Two Plays by Vilsoni Hereniko

Where Nets Were Cast: Christianity in Oceania since World War II by John Garrett

You the Choice Of My Parents by Konai Helu Thaman


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