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Micronesia by Glenda Bendure and Ned Friary. Recommended retail price $12.95, our price $12.00

Most folk have heard of Guam but fewer know about Yap, Palau, Pohnpei or Kosrae. This Lonely Planet Guide provides excellent information on almost everything you may want to know about Micronesia from WWII sites to the best snorkeling or place to stay. There is considerable cultural diversity in Micronesia and the authors go to some lengths to explain and share this culture with the reader. Soft cover, 329 pages.

Micronesia Handbook by Neil M. Levy. Published by Moon Travel Handbooks. ISBN 1-56691-162-1. Recommended retail price $16.95.

The Micronesian region covers a vast area of ocean and includes Guam, the Republics of Palau, Kiribati, the Marshall Islands, and Nauru, as well as the Commonwealth of the Northern Marianas, including Saipan and the Federated States of Micronesia.

Now in its fifth edition, Neil Levy's acclaimed Micronesia Handbook covers more of this vast region than any other guide. Included are tips on outdoor recreation: where to surf, swim, dive, bike, camp, hike and much more. I'm delighted to see substantial ecotravel information including profiles of local flora and fauna, environmental issues and ecotour providers.

For those interested in Word War II remains, there are details on wreck sites and relics.

In addition, there is much practical advice on accommodation and food for all tastes and budgets.

Seventy two color maps complement the text. Soft cover, 308 pages. Published 2000.

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Micronesia, wall map. Recommended price $6

This is a wall map of Micronesia and the Trust territories. Because it doesn't fold it has to be sent in a mailing tube and cannot be included in the normal $3.50 "one price fits all" postage and packing if it is purchased with other books. Purchased on its own, the standard $3.50 applies..

Papa Mike’s Palau Islands Handbook by Mike Hollywood. ISBN 059537607. Published by iUniverse. Recommended retail price $14.95.

The Republic of Palau is the westernmost archipelago in Oceania; it is renowned for its pristine lagoons and immense marine diversity.  Palau’s marine community features over 800 varieties of hard and soft corals, over 1,500 fish species and over 100 varieties of sponges.  Its waters feature two species of endangered turtle; the green and hawksbill turtles as well as the most endangered marine mammal, the dugong.  There are over 800 islands within its territory with over 50 marine lakes within those islands, each supporting its own diverse marine microclimate.  The skies above Palau teem with over 140 varieties of birds representing 41 families and 16 endemic bird species.  Palau natural wonders are world-renowned and its clear waters host an assortment of dive sites that are considered by experts to be among the finest on the planet.  This guidebook is written in a relaxed style, full of helpful information, presented with a touch of humor and the author’s personal opinions.  You will enjoy the lighter side of this well researched guidebook as you discover the natural beauty of these islands.

Soft cover, 146 pages. Published in 2006.

Akekeia! Traditional Dance in Kiribati by Tony & Joan Whincup

Ana Otabwanin Kiritimati: The Environment of Christmas Island by Roger Perry and Martin Garnett

Book of Banaba, The by HC and HE Maude

Chamorro Word Book and tape by Marilyn Salas, edited by Josefina Barcinas illustrated by Roland Miranda

For the Good of Mankind: A History of the People of Bikini and their Islands by Jack Niedenthal

Island of The Colorblind, The by Oliver Sacks

Islands of the Frigate Bird by Daryl Tarte illustrated by Teweiariki Teaero

Kiribati by Tony Whincup

Kiribati: A Changing Atoll Culture by Batiri T. Bataua et al

Kiribati: Aspects of History by sister Alaima Talu and others

Management of Marine Resources in Kiribati by Roniti Teiwaki

Mariquita: A Tragedy of Guam by Chris Perez Howard

Marshall Islands Legends and Stories collected and adapted by Daniel A. Kelin II,
illustrated by Nashton T. Nashon

Material Culture of Kiribati by Gerd Koch

Nei Ikuiku Ma Ana Karaki by Tekarei Tibwere Russell

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