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New Zealand Economics


Foreign Investment: The New Zealand Experience edited by Peter Enderwick. Published by Dunmore Press. ISBN 0864693125. Recommended retail price $28.

Foreign direct investment is of major interest for both New Zealand and for the world economy. Appreciation of the importance of foreign direct investment and its principal medium, the multinational enterprise, presupposes an understanding of the dynamic nature of the world economy and the changing role that foreign investment plays within this evolving system. While it has a long history, the period since 1945 has witnessed a huge growth in the magnitude and spread of foreign investment , and international business activity more generally.

Foreign direct investment has played a significant role in the recent economic restructuring of the New Zealand economy. This volume offers a critical analysis of both the costs and benefits of such investment and a comprehensive evaluation of the likely impacts. It provides an indispensable source of analysis and information for anyone interested in the future of the New Zealand economy and society.

Includes a foreword by Don Brash, the Governor of New Zealandís Reserve Bank. Soft cover, 290 pages.


New Zealand Economy, The: Issues & Policies edited by Stuart Birks & Srikanta Chatterjee. Published by Dunmore Press. ISBN 0864692978. Recommended retail price $36.

This book addresses issues and policies relating to the major sectors of the New Zealand economy. In its eighteen chapters -Ėprepared by specialist contributors Ė the book provides a comprehensive and up-to-date coverage of the economy. The subject matter is presented in a fashion which makes it accessible to the interested non-specialist, while maintaining the degree of rigor necessary for those with some training in economic theory. This third edition has the added feature of three introductory chapters covering basic microeconomic and macroeconomic principles, thus making it suitable as a stand-along test for introductory courses on the New Zealand economy. Soft cover, 356 pages.


Only Their Purpose is Mad: The Money Men Take Over NZ by Bruce Jesson. Publsihed by Dunmore Press. ISBN 0864693435. Recommended retail price $18.

New Zealandís economy was once dominated by people who made things; it is now dominated by people who finance things. Bruce Jesson argues that New Zealand has been transformed, since 1984, by the culture of finance, and that New Zealandís society and economy are now subject to irrational, speculative forces (a view with which Paddy wholeheartedly concurs).

In 1991, Bruce Jesson was elected to the Auckland Regional Council, and was chair of the Auckland Regional Services Trust between 1992 and 1995. He is author of Behind the Mirror Glass and Fragments of Labour, and co-author of Revival of the Right. He is co-editor of Political Review. Soft cover, 227 pages.

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