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Composer to Composer: Conversations about contemporary music by Andrew Ford. Published by Hale and Iremonger. ISBN 0868066311. Recommended retail price $20, our price $17.50.

The presenter of Radio National’s The Music Show and composer, Andrew Ford talks to 30 colleagues about their attitudes towards audiences, performers and the business of composing. Why is it no longer possible to say what is modern or avant-garde in music? Why do some return to traditional musical languages? What sort of music do you compose?

Andrew Ford is one of Australia’s best-known composers. Formerly on the staff at the University of Wollongong, he is a regular contributor to the ABC’s 24 Hours magazine, presenter of Radio National’s popular ‘The Music Show’ and the writer and presenter of ABC Classic FM’s ‘Illegal Harmonies’. Soft cover, 251 pages.


Illegal Harmonies: Music in the 20th century by Andrew Ford. Published by Hale and Iremonger. ISBN 0868066354. Recommended retail price $32, our price $28.50.

From Debussy to Duke Ellington, Ligeti to Laurie Anderson: Illegal Harmonies is generous and encyclopedic in its scope, sometimes contentious in its assertions, always lively and informative, Andrew Ford encourages the reader to take up his arguments and debate their merits. This book is an expanded version of the series played on Australian Classic FM in 1997. Hard cover, 266 pages.


Music, Young Children & You: A parent-teacher guide to music for 0-5 year olds by Doreen Bridges. Published by Hale and Iremonger. ISBN 0868065307. Recommended retail price $20, our price $18.

Music plays a vital role in the development of babies and young children. We are all born with some ability to respond to music, just as we all have the inborn ability to acquire language. But these abilities will develop only if nurtured, especially in the vital early years. Many people would like to provide the right musical experience for the 0-5 age group, but lack confidence in their own ability or are unsure what to do.

Doreen Bridges stresses the importance of personal communication, showing how carers can use their voices (even if they think they can’t sing), together with playful movements and games with songs and rhymes. Many of the songs referred to are readily available on ABC tapes.

Parents, child-care workers, playgroup leaders, preschool and music teachers, and others involved in caring for the very young will find Music, Young Children and You a rich source of inspiration for the musical development of the young. A contribution to joyful music-making. Soft cover, 134 pages.

Secrets of Successful Practising for Guitarists, The by Kevin Downing. Published by Dunmore Press. ISBN 086469377X. Recommended retail price $21.

Do you want to become a really good guitarist? Are you having trouble practicing? Do you know what to practice? Is motivation a problem? This book has been written for you.

The ways you think and practice are the keys to your level of success as a guitarist. The ideas in this book have been gathered over many years of the author’s practicing, performing and teaching as well as his knowledge of the practice habits of many highly successful guitarists.

This book offers guitar players at all levels clear guidelines and effective techniques for achieving real progress quickly on the way to success. Soft cover, 107 pages. Published in 2000.

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