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Cocos Island

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Cocos Island

Sorry! This book is now out of print.

Cocos Island, Diving and Snorkeling Guide to by Lucy Agace. Published by Pisces Books/Lonely Planet. ISBN 1-55992-092-0. Recommended retail price $14.95.

Described, incorrectly, as the largest uninhabited island in the world, Cocos is remote, wild and excellent for diving. Located 300+ miles west of Costa Rica, accessible only by boat, with no hotels and no accommodations - Cocos island is for the determined diver. But with determination comes rewards.

Spectacular payoffs include hordes of hammerhead sharks and dense populations of pelagic and reef fish. The dozen open-ocean dive sites in this guide take you where you may view white-tip, silky and whale sharks; manta devil and eagle rays; sailfish, marlin and green turtles. For more information on how to get there check out Soft cover, 66 pages, published 1997.

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